My father was a tailor

Edward A. D'Alessandro


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Table of Contents


pp Intro-vi; 8 pages

Table of Contents

pp vii-x; 4 pages


pp xi-xii; 2 pages


pp xiii-xvi; 4 pages

Chapter 1. My Father Was a Tailor

pp 1-10; 10 pages

Chapter 2. Off to the New World

pp 11-15; 5 pages

Chapter 3. Father Settles in Cleveland, Ohio

pp 16-20; 5 pages

Chapter 4. Father and Mother Begin Life Anew in Cleveland

pp 21-26; 6 pages

Chapter 5. Grandpa Dies and Father’s Plan For Our Educa tion Develops

pp 27-32; 6 pages

Chapter 6. The Family Uprooted and Forced to Move from Race Street

pp 33-38; 6 pages

Chapter 7. The Great Depression

pp 39-44; 6 pages

Chapter 8. The Family Comes into Better Times

pp 45-49; 5 pages

Chapter 9. Brother Art and Answer Uncle Sam’s Call

pp 50-64; 15 pages

Chapter 10. Back Home Again

pp 65-71; 7 pages

Chapter 11. I Make My Comeback In the Cleveland Library

pp 72-76; 5 pages

Chapter 12. Grace Musche, the Love of My Life

pp 77-87; 11 pages

Chapter 13. Celebrations and Family Goals Are Reached

pp 88-89; 2 pages

Chapter 14. I Am Asked to Change Jobs with No ncrease in Pay and Promoted to Another Job in Less Than Two Years

pp 90-102; 13 pages

Chapter 15. Lawrence Quincy Mumford Goes to Washington

pp 103-107; 5 pages

Chapter 16. The Library’s Seven Sisters Take charge until the Advent of Raymond C. Linquist As Director

pp 108-112; 5 pages

Chapter 17. I Am Offered Another Major Library Job As I Mourn the Passing of My Parents

pp 113-122; 10 pages

Chapter 18. Newspaper Leak Holds up My Appointment As Business Manager Of the Cleveland Public Library

pp 123-127; 5 pages

Chapter 19. The Expansion of the Library’s Physical Plant and Services

pp 128-137; 10 pages

Chapter 20. First Thoughts on Taking Possession Of an Old Empty Newspaper Building

pp 138-141; 4 pages

Chapter 21. The Library Relinquishes Its Responsibility for School Library Service As It Begins I ts Building Program

pp 142-155; 14 pages

Chapter 22. My Metamorphosis from Business Manager to Asisstant Director and Deputy Director

pp 156-181; 26 pages

Chapter 23. The School Board Takes over School Library Service andRay Lindquist Re tires

pp 182-187; 6 pages

Chapter 24. At the Helm As Acting Director As The Library’s Centennial Year Begins

pp 188-204; 17 pages

Chapter 25. To My Surprise I Am Appointed Director of the Cleveland Public Library In a Tumultous Board Meeting

pp 205-260; 56 pages

Chapter 26. All Caught up with Me As the Centennial Year Came to an End

pp 261-275; 15 pages

Chapter 27. Recovery, New Life and a Second Career

pp 276-296; 21 pages

Chapter 28. I Become a Virginian, a Beltway Commuter And Special Assistant in the Reference Department of the Library of Congress

pp 297-309; 13 pages

Chapter 29. With the Abolishm ent ofthe Reference Department l Become Special Assistant in The Research Department

pp 310-311; 2 pages

Chapter 30. Dr. Boorstin Reorganizes Again, Creates the Research Services Department And l Continue As Its Special Assistant

pp 312-316; 5 pages

Chapter 31. I Am Saddened by Dr. Alan Fern’s Resignation and I Transfer to the Library Environment Resour ces Office

pp 317-322; 6 pages

Chapter 32. I Return to My Job As Special Assistant In the Research Services Department

pp 323-332; 10 pages

Chapter 33. Daniel J. Boorstin Retires and Is Succeeded by James H. Billington

pp 333-339; 7 pages

Chapter 34. Summing It up on My Retirement

pp 340-348; 9 pages


pp 349-350; 2 pages

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My father was a tailor
Edward A. D'Alessandro
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